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Bruce Lee Uniform

Bruce Lee, as much a philosopher as a martial artist, made no secret of his desires to break from tradition. His craft, Jeet Kune Do, is that break made real. Real techniques made practical. Form without form, right? Just real-life, practical use, executed to great effect. And even the clothes are a part of that revolutionary thought. Bruce Lee’s wearing of the Kung Fu/Wing Chun style (uniform would be the wrong word) in that scene is a part of that metaphor. Free-flowing and more like clothes than the karate counterparts in the scene… it even has pockets...Bruce Lee shows that it’s not the show you put on—wear a uniform and break as many boards as your knuckles can handle—it is what you can really do that matters.
Shannon Lee, the daughter of the Dragon herself, has taken the Bruce Lee Family Company and partnered with Century to remind the world of that message.

The Specs

  • S - XL
  • Sold as a set: White top, navy pants.
  • Modeled after the traditional Gung Fu suit.
  • 65/35 polyester/cotton.
  • Includes side pockets

Age: Adult
Men, Women, and Unisex
Product Line:
Bruce Lee
Martial Arts Style:
Jeet Kune Do
Uniform Material:
Cotton/Polyester Blend
Uniform Style:
Uniform Type:
Complete Uniform
Uniform Weight: