lady kicking bob punching bag
The Original

Body Opponent Bag

BOB is resilient and reliable. A training partner that’s always there and can take it on the chin. Literally. A heavy bag will do wonders for your workout, but sometimes you need to know that your cross will land where it needs to. That your uppercut is accurate. That your shots to the ribs hit hard and are well placed.

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Man Building Wavemaster Punching Bag

Made in America


Made in America is not just some empty phrase; it has weight. Those three words need to be said with care. And when they are, people need to know you mean it. We mean it. Today, here in the heart of the country, what we make is made here. From the heart.

Made in America.

BOB Body Opponent Bag close up photo

Numbers Don't Lie

Our freestanding bags like Wavemasters and BOBs have stood strong for decades. Heavy bags by nature are designed to take a beating.

How many strikes can a Wavemaster endure? Hundreds? Thousands? Millions?

Our human testers long ago met their limits throwing punches and swinging sledgehammers (yes, we did that). Along the way, when our arms were sore and BOB’s smug face stared back, we’d had enough.

So we built a machine. Unrelenting and brutal. Barrages of blows for years. We call it Punchy. Straight to the point. Millions of strikes delivered annually. If anything can find the limits of our bags, it’s the merciless creation of our (mad) design team. We take pride in measuring our limits. We’re constantly pressing the boundaries of innovation and quality.

We made you, BOB. We’ll find your limits.