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Bruce Lee Wooden Chuk

One of the most iconic figures in cinema; in history. A man that inspired a whole generation of aspiring martial artists, especially any who wanted to learn his signature weapon: the nunchaku. No one wielded the nunchaku like Bruce Lee (except perhaps a certain orange-clad turtle), and nothing is as inspiring as witnessing a master of their craft. Lucky for us, Bruce Lee’s astonishing speed and prowess are immortalized in film history.
Century is proud to partner with Shannon Lee, the daughter of the Dragon, and the Bruce Lee Family Company to provide new sets of nunchaku inspired by the iconic looks. The Wooden Chuck will leave blurred trails as you practice your way to perfection; the rounded wooden handles will render any foe regretting crossing your path.
Keep training and focus on your future. Remember:
“Knowing is not enough, we must apply; willing is not enough, we must do.”

Ball bearing connections.
12” rounded handles.
10-link chain.

Connection Type: Chain
Product Line:
Bruce Lee
Nunchaku Diameter:
1 - 1.5"
Nunchaku Length:
Weapon Material: