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Eagle Fang Karate Gi

The cultural impact that film has had on the martial arts community is undeniable. The Karate Kid, and its story of underdogs Macchio and Morita clashing against the established Zabka and Kove, (a David and Goliath over a cruder Good vs Evil) is perhaps one of the most influential movies ever to inspire an entire generation (and then some!) of martial artists. The show that followed, decades later was all but inevitable. Just as a seed falls and grows, for more to fall again. It was only a matter of time before the story would continue. Kreese and Myagi had their students, and now new journeys have begun. It is no surprise that the show has met the acclaim it has and been valued by so many.
Official Cobra Kai apparel and equipment is one small part of what we can provide for the next generation of champions, but to be able to continue the tradition of inspiring new students is everything Century strives to do.

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Cobra Kai
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Complete Uniform
Uniform Weight: Middleweight