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Heavy Duty 1 Bag Stand

The Heavy Bag Boxing Stand is constructed for the highest-level performance, perfect for any home gym, fitness center, or boxing gym. Built as an adjustable bolt-together single tree stand that allows full 360-degree access to your heavy bag. Crafted for intense workouts, the 4" x 4" square post features two adjustable height settings at 7 FT 4" and 8 FT 6" and a reinforced 12" x 12" square base with pre-drilled holes to anchor directly to the flooring. This vertical design takes up little floor space and gives room to rotate through power shots, jabs, crosses, hooks, and kicks. Secure, durable, and helps eliminate noise, vibration, or movement. This Heavy Bag Stand is just what you need to refine your aerobic conditioning, endurance, and technique.