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Custom Leather Lace Up Bag Glove

***Must call in to customize, call (800) 626-2787x3***
A classic boxing glove is the perfect addition to any training equipment. This customizable glove is as classic as the sport itself. First and foremost, the full-grain leather is the traditional treatment a quality glove needs. After that, the functionality of the glove only gets better. It has enhanced wrist support with a tried-and-true lace up, and the extremely durable multilayer foam ensures a strong punch with optimized protection. The gloves are also protected with Odor-Crunch anti-microbial Polygiene lining to keep those rigorous workouts as clean as a stiff jab. 
You want to set our school apart. Any generic gym or school or dojo has its equipment. That’s obvious. That’s what makes it a gym. Or school. Or dojo. Otherwise it would just be a… big room.
But what makes it go from just generic to yours? 
And more importantly, what others recognize as yours. It’s simple: Branding.
Your art on your stuff. When your students use your equipment and wear your gear, they are going to your school. They train in your gym. They practice in your dojo.
It’s important. And it’s not as hard as it might sound, either. It shouldn’t be. You have other stuff you need to deal with. That’s what makes people want to train with you. Get trained by you. Learn from you at your place.
The only thing better than a pair of these is a whole rack of them with your logo on it.
To place your custom order, call us at (800) 626-2787. Please note that the initial charge does not include the customization fee.

Age: Adult
Men, Women, and Unisex
Glove Type:
Boxing Gloves
Product Line:
Martial Arts Style:
Boxing and Multiple